Aisha and Lauren sit next to each other laughing. Lauren looks into the camera and Aisha looks away.
Aisha | she/her | Gay & Lauren | she/her | Queer
Aisha and Lauren were keen to have photos taken before the birth of their child. We managed to do this just before lockdown at the end of 2020. 
"Lauren and I chose Bristol as our home in 2016, having met in Manchester and just concluded a long backpacking trip. We absolutely love the Southwest and feel very lucky to have managed to put roots here. 
We always knew we wanted a family, and, in October 2019 we started our journey; a monthly rollercoaster of scheduling, multifarious testing, monitoring of bodily functions and, intense emotions. By early April 2020, just as Coronavirus was starting to get scary, we discovered Lauren was pregnant, and, the rest is history. We've always been really open and honest about our story (before and after conception), and, for the 4 years we've been in Bristol, we've felt nothing but support and encouragement (with a peppering of curiosity here and there!). 
Even though the entire pregnancy and birth have been in the midst of the pandemic, we've really been impressed with how all of the medical professionals we've encountered have embraced our family, not asked inappropriate or probing questions and always referred to both of us as mum. We're very grateful for our new family of three and can't wait to show our child off to the world once it's safe to do so".
Aisha + Lauren would like to amplify 'Parenting Queer' which is a recently launched course for queer parents to be. They both completed the course before Lauren gave birth. Aisha commented, "it was so good to learn about all things antenatal and postnatal alongside other LGBTQA+ people".

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