Alexa is a freelance Photographer and Audio Describer. She had lived in Bristol for about 4 years at the time of this photoshoot. Previously she spent time in Scotland and South America. She was born and raised in France to a British mum and a Czech dad and lived there until she was 19.
"I'm passionate about the transformative power of the arts and work in the cultural sector on projects that elevate people and create social change."
"I did a couple of drag shows with Brizzle Boyz as The French Prince. I identify as a lesbian, an identity that is beautiful and has suffered from negative connotations for decades. I really want to reclaim it and change this for the better!"
Check out Alexa's photography on her Instagram page at @alexathedicewho.
Alexa would also like to amplify Extraordinary Bodies, "one of the companies she works for, which is a circus company that stands for inclusion and representation." 
You can also follow Extraordinary Bodies on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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