Karen (she/her)

Founder & Photographer

I have been in love with creating images most of my life. In my childhood it was with film photography, in my teens I switched it up to video, and then by 2012 I was back into film photography. 

I have always felt welcome in Bristol, there are, of course, still parts of the city where I feel anxiety around holding my wife's hand. Hopefully one day this will not be an issue for any queer people, where ever they live.

Colleen (she/her)


In my spare time I draw things with pens, usually insects and animals. I like being creative and my lovely wife has started to teach me the ways of analogue photography.

Jen (she/her)

Social Media Manager

Jen is thrilled to be involved with the LGBTQ+ Faces of Bristol project, and is looking forward to celebrating, and giving something back to, the LGBTQ+ community

Chloe (she/her)

Assistant Photographer, PR & Comms

Chloe is excited to meet and be in collaboration with lots of other queer creatives and to see the many rainbow faces of Bristol given a voice.

Emma (she/her)


Emma is looking forward to giving back to her community and bringing her design skills and creativity to LGBTQ+ Faces of Bristol.

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