Shell is standing in front of a church surrounded by greenery. They are wearing a turquoise demin jacket and looking into the camera.
Shell | they/them | Queer AF. Non binary and pansexual
Shell has been in Bristol for 10 years. They are originally from a small town in Devon. "I didn’t really feel I could be myself in that environment.  Bristol has brought me out of my shell. This city definitely feels like home.
I’m involved in roller derby which is great but I can’t skate for shit so I’m predominantly a referee and non skating official.  I’ve been very involved in my league including being on committees for 3 years. I’ve been a member for 4 years and spend every other weekend in an exotic sports hall somewhere in the UK. 
Lockdowns been hard. I’ve had to stay close to home and I’m a bit of a social butterfly and only having the company of my wife has been a bit lonely. I’ve started taking up learning Irish and many other activities which have been quickly discarded as I am not a patient or crafty person".

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