LGBTQ+ Faces of Bristol sets out to visibly represent and empower the LGBTQIA+ community and its individuals in Bristol, UK.
Founded by Karen Freer, with the help of Colleen Freer. Karen has ambitious long term plans to photograph as many people within the community.
"My goal is to tell individual stories. Everyone has a different perspective and experience and I would like to showcase the many faces and personalities here, in my new home city." 
My name is Karen (she/her), I identify as a Lesbian and have lived in Bristol since September 2016. I was born in Essex and lived there until around 2002, when I went to uni in Southampton. This was also around the time that I started to actually 'experiment' as we used to say. This was very much a time when people were using the term 'bi-curious'. 
After graduating, I moved back to Essex briefly before moving to London, which is where I stayed for about 10 years before finally moving to Bristol. I moved here with my girlfriend who I have since married.
Photography has been a passion of mine for around a decade, but I have only recently been taking portraits. I started this project as a way for me to put my photography to good use and learn some new skills.
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